The Uzbek government issued a resolution on the gradual increase of the prices for fuel and energy resources on November 16, according to news agency. 

In accordance with the resolution, the price for one cubic meter of natural gas has risen from 289.74 soums to 320 soums (equivalent to 0.04 USD).

The price for one Kwh of electricity has risen from 228.6 soums to 250 soums  (equivalent to 0.03 USD).

Prices for gasoline and diesel fuel have also risen.  The price for one liter of 80-octane gasoline will be 4,000 soums; 91-octane gasoline – 4,500 soums per liter, diesel fuel – 4,800 soums per liter, and eco-diesel fuel – 4,900 soums liter. 

An exchange rate of the US dollar against the soum set by the Cntral bank of Uzbekistan in mid-November was 1:8,250.