Uzbek media reports say a treasure worth approximately 1 million U.S. dollars has been discovered in the basement of one of old buildings in downtown Tashkent.  It was buried approximately 80 years ago, according to   

The news website says the treasure was discovered by researchers from Uzbek National University during excavations.

The building itself, where the treasure was discovered, was built in 1870, and under its basement there was a hidden room, the entrance to which was littered.

Among the objects discovered there are unique pieces of art, golden and silver coins, dishes and items produced in bourgeois style – ancient paintings made on the walls of the 19th-century Evangelic Protestant and Orthodox churches in Tashkent, icons and items made of precious metals. gold coins, works of art, dishes, paintings, icons and items made of precious metals.

The finds that also include the unique collections of Prince Romanov’s Palace have been brought to the museum.