Prices for electricity and natural gas will rise in Uzbekistan beginning on June 1, 2019, according to CA-NEWS

The price on cubic meter of natural gas for residential customers having gas meters will be 350 sum (equivalent to US$0.04) against the current 320 sum (equivalent to US$0.03).

Residential customers who do not have gas meters will pay 605 sum (equivalent to US$0.07) for one cubic meter of natural supplied for cooking and water heating and 350 sum (equivalent to US$0.04) for one cubic meter of natural gas supplied for heating.  

One kilogram of liquefied gas will cost 1,200 sum (equivalent to US$0.14) against the current 950 sum (equivalent to US$0.11).  

The price of one kWh of electricity for residential customers will rise from 250 sum (equivalent to $US0.02) to 280 sum (equivalent to US$0.03).  

Recall, the previous rise in prices for electricity, natural gas and hot water took place on November 1, 2018.   

In accordance with the government’s resolution, the price for one cubic meter of natural gas rose from 289.74 sum to 320 sum.

The price for one kWh of electricity rose from 228.6 sum to 250 sum.

Prices for gasoline and diesel fuel were raised as well.  The price for one liter of 80-octane gasoline rose to 4,000 sum; 91-octane gasoline – 4,500 sum per liter, diesel fuel – 4,800 sum per liter, and eco-diesel fuel – 4,900 sum per liter.