The 2019 Global Innovation Summit (GIS 2019) has kicked off in the Kazakh capital of Nur-Sultan, the website of the capital's government reported on September 17.

The anniversary meeting is being held in the country of Central Asian for the first time.  The main theme of the summit is the competitiveness of nations and ensuring long-term sustainable growth of states.

More than 50 international speakers from 16 countries came to participate in the forum.  The summit reportedly has brought together leaders and thinkers representing businesses, academia and governments to analyze the opportunities and challenges presented by this era of transformation. 

“This is our 10th anniversary week of the forum and it was impossible to think of a better place than the city of Nur-Sultan to conduct it, since Kazakhstan is the heart of the transformation processes in all spheres of life at present,” said Deborah L. Vince Smith, Honorary President of the Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC).  

The GIS 2019 serves as a global platform to generate new ideas and solutions in order to address these critical questions.  Participants are exploring how mutually beneficial global alliances can benefit companies, research organizations, cities and emerging and advanced nations alike.  Participants have the opportunity to meet potential partners for collaboration, share information and ideas and cultivate alliances to unleash value creation on a global scale.

Over the three day program at the 2019 Global Innovation Summit, high-level speakers will analyze the transformation theme through different lenses.