Uzbek media reports say Uzbekistan has extended quarantine restrictions until August 15 following the decision made by the Special Republican Commission for the Fight against Coronavirus (Commission).

According to UzReport news agency, the Commission in its report notes that the repeated tightening of quarantine measures since July 10 gave a positive result.

"Strict compliance with restrictions by citizens, in particular, self-isolation, social distance in public places, the use of medical masks, personal protective equipment and antiseptics, are key factors in breaking the chain of COVID-19 spread," the report says.

The Commission calls for compliance with the following requirements during the period of quarantine restrictions: state bodies and organizations should involve in work only those employees whose work cannot be organized remotely, while the remaining staff must take a vacation or work remotely (online) to the maximum extent possible; business trips are banned, and all meetings should be held exclusively online; organizations are recommended to provide financial assistance to employees who have tested positive for Covid-19; the ban on weddings, family and other events remains in force.

The following sites remain suspended: amusement parks and gardens; clothing markets and large non-food stores; gyms, fitness clubs and swimming pools; preschool educational organizations, training courses and clubs of all types; food service points; sanatoriums, boarding houses, children's camps, guest houses, hostels and other places of recreation; and hairdressers and beauty salons. says that on July 31, August 1-2 and August 8-9, the movement of vehicles, including taxis, will be completely stopped, with the exception for medical emergencies and procedures, and vehicles with stickers and exemptions.  It is recommended not to leave homes on these days.

As of the night of July 26, the number of officially confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Uzbekistan was reported at 20,391, including 114 deaths, according to Sputnik.