Kyrgyz media reports say that according to preliminary estimates, the damage caused to Kyrgyzstan’s economy by political instability as of October 10, 2020 has been estimated at 8 billion soms, or about 104 million U.S. dollars.  The National Alliance of Business Associations provided such data, according to

Specialists reportedly say more than twenty contracts and business projects for an approximate amount of up to 210 million U.S. dollars have been canceled.

Lost profits of billions of soms due to political instability can increase unemployment, plans for taxes and fees, and aggravate the socio-economic situation of the country.

The National Alliance of Business Associations calls on all political forces to reach consensus and ensure return to the legal framework, all government organizations — to mitigate the consequences of the introduction of measures such as the state of emergency.  Business reportedly asks to preserve the freedom of movement of employees of enterprises and cargo transportation, to strengthen measures to ensure the security of all types of enterprises, especially mining, with creation of rapid response teams.