The Taliban terrorist movement today, September 7, announced the composition of their government at a press conference in Kabul.

Mullah Hasan Okhund became the head of the government, before that he was considered the head of the Taliban leaders' council, which led the group during the war with the government army. A native of Kandahar is considered one of the founders of the group.

Mullah Ghani Baradar, who previously headed the political wing of the Taliban, and Mawlavi Abdusalom Hanafi became the deputies of Okhund.

Mullah Haybatullah Akhundzada declared the supreme leader of Afghanistan.

Sirajuddin Haqqani, responsible for numerous terrorist attacks and the son of the founder of the “Haqqani” terrorist network, headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The son of the founder of the Taliban, Mohammad Omar Yakub, has become the defense minister. He has been in charge of Taliban combat operations since 2020.

Foreign Ministry headed by Amir Khanu Mottaki. After 2001, he hid in Pakistan for a long time, but in recent years he participated in negotiations in Qatar.

The Ministry of Intelligence was headed by Abdul Haq Wasik. He was in American captivity: in 2002-2014 he was held at the American military base in Guantanamo. As a result, he was exchanged for a US soldier captured by militants of the "Haqqani network".

The Taliban disbanded the ministry of women's affairs.