Citing press center of the local authorities of Taraz, the administrative center of Zhambyl region, Interfax-Kazakhstan reported on January 10 that chief of Zhambyl region police, Major-General Zhanat Suleimenov, has committed suicide.

Meanwhile, Mikhail Kozachkov, a journalist for Vremya newspaper, has written in his Telegram Channel that criminal proceedings were instituted against Suleimenov after protests and clashes with security forces.  He was reportedly threatened with tribunal.  The journalist has not specified under what article criminal proceedings were instituted against Suleimenov.  

Meanwhile, RIA Novosti says Colonel of Kazakhstan’s National Security Committee (KNB), Azamat Ibrayev, was  found dead under the windows of his house in Nur-Sultan. He reportedly had injuries typical of falling from a height.  The cause of the death of KNB colonel is under investigation.  

Some media outlets say the deceased was an associate of the former chief of the KNB Karim Massimov, who was fired amid protests in the country.  On January 8, Massimov was charged with treason and detained.