“The issue of delineation of common border with Tajikistan has not been removed, it is being solved.   The issue of delimitation and demarcation of the Tajik-Kyrgyz border is being solved slowly and both sides will not be able to put up a fence until the disputes are resolved,” Kyrgyz President Sadyr Japarov said in an exclusive interview with Kabar news agency yesterday afternoon.

According to him, the parties have agreed on 600 kilometers [of the mutual border] and they have another 300 kilometers left to delimit and demarcate.

“Slow pace is not only on our side, it is on both sides.  The border issue that has not been settled for 30 years will not be settled in a month.  There are disputed segments.  both sides will not be able to put up a fence until the disputes are resolved,” Kyrgyz leader said.

“People who do not understand this say that it would be better to build a fence.  As soon as the controversies are resolved, the sides will begin to build a fence.  Border crossing points will be open. Trade will begin. Relations with Tajikistan will be the same as they are with Uzbekistan now.  I hope the relationship will continue as before,” Japarov added.

Recall, Tajik President Emomali Rahmon called on residents of the Tajik northern district of Isfara bordering Kyrgyzstan to live and work with their neighbors in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and neighborliness, communicate with them and establish friendly cooperation, be tolerant and not succumb to emotions.

His call, directed at residents of Isfara, came during an address to a meeting of Isfara administrators and public activists that took place in the northern city of Isfara on April 17. 

“As the proverb says, neighbors are not chosen,” Emomali Rahmon was cited as saying by its official website. 

He further noted that solution of border-territorial issues, delimitation and demarcation of disputed segments of the border are a very complex process and take a lot of time and require many efforts. 

“Tajikistan is a firm support of negotiations to find a mutually beneficial solution to existing problems, taking into account the national interests of both parties.  I emphasize again that borer issues between nations can be resolved only through negotiations, there is no other way,” Tajik leader said. 

As it had been reported earlier, a shootout between Tajik and Kyrgyz border guards took place along the Tajik-Kyrgyz border took place on April 12.  The incident occurred Tuesday (April 12) evening near the Khistevarz jamoat in the Bobojon-Ghafourov district of the Tajik northern province of Sughd.  

As a result of the shootout, a 27-year-old Tajik border guard Zoir Saidumarov was fatally wounded; he died the same day at a hospital.

According to Kyrgyz sources, two Kyrgyz border guards and four Kyrgyz civilians were also wounded in the incident.

Tajik and Kyrgyz delegations met on April 13.  The parties agreed to withdraw troops to permanent deployments, find out the causes of the incident and reached agreement on security, land tenure and irrigation issues.  The negotiations ended with signing of an appropriate protocol.

On April 14, Tajik and Kyrgyz foreign ministers held a phone talk to discuss the situation along disputed segments of the border between the two nations after the April 12 deadly shoot-out involving border guards.