QURGHON TEPPA, April 8, Asia-Plus  -- A match between soccer teams of Vakhsh (Qurghon Teppa) and Parvoz (Sughd’s Bobojonghafurov district) that was held in Qurghon Teppa on April 5 ended with beating of central umpire Rustam Kholov. 

Parvoz beat Vakhsh 2-1, and after the match one of Vakhsh’s coaches Ahad Hamroqulov and representative from the TAMER INB company, which sponsors Vakhsh, Alikhon Barotov made a row, accusing the central umpire of biased umpiring.  Following quarrel, they beat the umpire.  

According to the Qurghon Teppa police directorate, a report on behavior of Hamroqulov and Barotov has been drawn up and sent to Tajikistan’s Football Federation.   

By Football Federation’s decision Hamroqulov has been barred from coaching during three years.  Besides, the Federation imposed a 2,000 somonis fine on him.