DUSHANBE, March 13, 2009, Asia-Plus  -- On Thursday March 12, Mr. Yoshihiro Nakayama, Chargé D’Affaires of Japan’s Embassy in Dushanbe, and Mr. Boboali Tabarov, President of the Federation of Karate do Shotokan of Tajikistan, signed a contract concerning the Cultural Grassroots Grant Aid of the Government of Japan for the project for the Improvement of Sports Equipment and Rehabilitation of Sports Complex of Tajikistan’s Federation of Karate do Shotokan, press release issued by the Japanese Embassy in Dushanbe  said.  

The Federation of Karate do Shotokan is an organization, which has been actively involved in developing sports in Tajikistan and working on attracting Tajik youth to sport. It also readily takes the responsibility of organizing various republican and international sports events in the country with the participation of well-known athletes.  Nevertheless, the activities and future plans of the Federation are seriously constrained by the lack of resources.  The organization faces some difficulties in providing adequate training conditions for its athletes, such as absence of karate sportswear and special training equipments, deteriorated facility “Samandar XXI”, which is in urgent need for renovation, etc.

The Project for the Improvement of Sports Equipment and Rehabilitation of Sports Complex of the Federation of Karate do Shotokan is specifically designed to tackle these issues and ensure decent training environment for the youth involved in Karate do Shotokan.  For this purpose Japanese Cultural Grassroots Grant of US$78,684 is allocated.  It is expected to significantly enhance the technical base of the Karate do Shotokan Federation by providing modern sports equipment, to be purchased considering the athletes’ requirements.  Concurrently, the Project scope also covers the rehabilitation of the Sports Complex roof to be fully repaired. It has to be stressed that Sport Complex “Samandar XXI” intends to contribute its own funds to cover partially the costs for roof rehabilitation.

Upon the successful and on-time completion of the Project, Sport Complex “Samandar XXI” will be one of the well-equipped sport facilities in Hissor Valley fit for organizing large-scale sports events.