Well-known Tajik wrestler, honored coach of Tajikistan, master of sport of USSR, father of famous Tajik athletes Alisher, Hakim, Rustam, Rasul and Akbar Bokievs Hudoinazar Bokiev died on May 30 from cardiac decompensation at the age of 62 in Rudaki region.

As reported by the Tajik Government’s Youth, Sport and Tourism Committee, funeral ceremony was held on Wednesday in one of cemeteries in Rudaki region.

H.Bokiev won traditional, self-defense and judo wrestling championships of Tajikistan for many times. He won multiple championships during the Soviet Union times.

His elder son Alisher won bronze medal at the Asian Championship. Rasul and Rustam are Kuresh Wrestling World Champions. Rasult Bokiev is the first Tajik sportsman (in the history of independent Tajikistan) to win bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.