DUSHANBE, August 9, 2012, Asia-Plus -- The British Embassy in Dushanbe congratulates Mavzouna Choriyeva, the 19 year-old female boxer from Kulob in Tajikistan, for her success in winning a bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games.  This is the first medal for Tajikistan in these Olympic Games.

Press release issued by the British Embassy says Mavzouna has been boxing since her childhood, when her father took her to boxing practice and also became her first coach.  She studies at the Tajik Institute of Physical Education in Dushanbe where the Embassy held its ‘100 Metres for 100 Days to Go’ event.

British Ambassador to Tajikistan, Robin Ord-Smith, said “Congratulations to Mavzouna for her outstanding medal win. I am delighted that Tajikistan’s first medal has been won by a female athlete in a sport more often associated with male athletes.  With this bronze medal, Mavzouna has again shown herself to be a role model for women in Tajikistan.  Her tenacity, dedication and resolve clearly embody the Olympic spirit and, I hope, will encourage further success in the remaining Olympic and Paralympic events.”