Coach of Mavzuna Chorieva, London 2012 Olympic bronze medalist, Mirzo Shamsiev said his student will resume training within the next three weeks.

He said that Mavzuna’s marriage will influence her training program but “we will mainly focus on tactics and technical aspects,” he said in his interview to AP.

“The couple is planning to have a child and when the child is born we will have to cancel Mavzuna’s training process until her baby reaches the age of one year. It is possible that full training cycle will resume at the end of 2013,” M.Shamsiev has said.

Shamsiev confirmed that Mavzuna’s husband used to be a boxer, but denied that he may become her sparring partner.

Mavzuna Chorieva and Amon Boboev’s wedding was held last Saturday, October 27, at Anokhita restaurant. Amon Boboev graduated from Management and Marketing  faculty of the Kulob State University.

In her last interview to AP Mavzuna said she was planning to leave boxing for a period of one year since she is planning to have a baby. “My husband and his family don’t mind if I continue my trainings, but I made a decision to resume training only after pregnancy and this will not affect my carrier. If I’m fated to win gold medal I will do that and my family is not an obstacle,” Mavzuna said.

Pictures from Mavzuna’s wedding are available here.