Dushanbe. 3 September. “Asia Plus” -- The International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) has published today, on September 3, an updated rating list of national teams. Tajikistan`s team did not move - like a month ago, it took 158th place with 155 points in the asset, according to the Football Federation of Tajikistan.

Among the countries of the former Soviet Union Tajikistan`s national team is the last, on fifteenth place. Among the 46 teams of Asian Football Confederation our national team has settled at the 29th place.

Rival teams of Tajikistan on the FIFA World Cup 2018 in "B" group have following disposition: Australia – 61st place, Jordan – 92nd, Kyrgyzstan – 155th, and Bangladesh - on the 173rd place.

The next match Tajik team will held in Dushanbe on the 8th of September against Australian team - the winner of the Asian Cup 2015. If our team will success in this game it can significantly improve the position in the next version of the rating, which will be published on October 1.

Recall that the FIFA ranking was introduced in 1993, the number of points is calculated on the basis of the results of the national team for the last four years.