DUSHANBE, February 1, Asia-Plus -- 35.6 million U.S. dollars, 92.3 million Russian rubles and 44.6 million euros were remitted via “Amonatbonk” last year, the Amonatbonk head Mahmadamin Mahmadaminov told journalists on January 31.  

According to him it is much more compared to 2004, when 21.1 million U.S. dollars, 74.3 million Russian rubles sand 9.7 million euros were remitted via their bank. “It is evidence of expansion of the area of transfer transactions by introducing them in the Amonatbonk branches in the provinces,” Mr. Mahmadaminov said, noting that so far, the transfer transactions of Amonatbonk have been carried out by the “Western Union”, “Anelik.Ru” and “Fast Mail” systems.

He also noted that due to successful conduct of negotiations with Russia’s Evrotrastbank a work on introduction of a new system of money transfer – “Migom” (in a flash) – was completed in 2005.    Besides, they also plan to introduce new money transfer systems such as “Contact”, “StranaExpress”, and «InterExrepss”.  “The work on these will be carried out in cooperation with Russia’s open joint-stock (OJSC) company “Russlavbank”, OJSC “Sibakadembank”, and “Interkoopbank”. 

The Amonatbonk top manager also noted that for the purpose of further development of the transfer transactions within the Amonatbonk system they last year used more than 45 million USD for technical modernization of the bank’s branches.  At present the bank set to implementation of a grant provided by the Islamic Development Bank for further modernization and technical equipment of Amonatbonk.  To date, the bank’s headquarters in Dushanbe has made shift to a new bank system of the R-Style Softlab company.