DUSHANBE , February 1, Asia-Plus - This year we plan to open Small Academy at Tajikistan ’s National Academy of Sciences, academician Mamadsho Ilolov, President of Tajikistan’s National Academy of Sciences, announced at a news conference in Dushanbe on January 1.    

According to him senior pupils at secondary schools will be drawn into the work with the Small Academy .  “They will be given scientific titles as researchers at the National Academy of Sciences,” said academician Ilolov, “The will be trained by special programs at relevant departments and institutes of the National Academy of Sciences and on completion of the course, the best of them will be given an opportunity to enter any higher educational institution in the country without examinations.” 

Mr. Ilolov also noted that next summer the Tajik Academy of Sciences would open its doors in welcome to youth and students who are interested in being engaged in scientific work.

On the structural changes within the National Academy of Sciences, academician Ilolov noted that over the past several years, a number of new research institutes such as the Institute of Statistics and the Institute of Sate and Law, had been established.  

Dwelling on the expediency of the establishment of High Attestation Commission, he noted that Tajikistan ’s Academy of Science has not yet had the strength to establish it.  “For example, for 200 disciplines we need 800 people (four experts for each of them) therefore we still use services of the Russian High Attestation Commission,” Mr. Ilolov noted.