DUSHANBE, February 3, Asia-Plus -- “Tojikmatlubot” (Tajik consumers’ union) Thursday [February 2] hosted a news conference on the results of work carried out last year.

During the news conference it was noted that last year, “Tojikmatlubot” transferred some 5.6 million Somonis to Tajikistan’s national budget, which is 600,000 Somonis more compared to 2004.   

Sirojiddin Valiyev, the “Tojikmatlubot” board head, speaking to journalists noted that due to support of his organization some 30,000 new jobs had been created in the republic.  “In 2005, 1,600 people were placed in jobs,” Valiyev said.   

According to him, a total volume of domestic and imported goods delivered to markets in the country in 2005 amounted to some 40 million Somonis.  “Tojikmatlubot” exports last year amounted to 700,000 Somonis.   

Valiyev noted that the “Tojikmatlubot” branches have to date purchased 32,000 tons of products.  Asked about reasons for increase in prices of some food products, Valiyev said that markets in the capital under the jurisdiction of the Dushanbe mayor’s office and that issue was outside of his competence.  

“Last year, we purchased some 705 tons of potatoes and 130 tons remain in our warehouses,” Valiyev said, noting that they plan to hold monthly fairs to realize the remaining potatoes. 

He also noted that for the purpose of further development of the sector they would reorganize the “Guli Kuhsor” corporation into the research center for food products.  

Valiyev also stressed that following the government’s resolution obligating to reduce of areas under cotton lands by 20 percent an increase in production of food products is expected in the republic.