DUSHANBE, February 6, Asia-Plus -- To fully enhance the health sector Tajikistan needs US$3.5 billion, Salohiddin Miraliyev, an official with the Tajik Ministry of Health, announced at a briefing in Dushanbe on February 3.  

According to him, three projects in this direction are currently working in the country and one more will be launched in April this year.  

Manager of the Asian Development Bank-sponsored project for reforming health sector in Tajikistan, Nusratullo Salimov, noted that a total budget for the implementation of the project was US$9.375 million.  “The major part of this budget has been provided by the Asian Development Bank and the remaining part is a share of the country’s government,” Salimov said, noting that the project designed for five years is aimed at improving health conditions, especially of women and children from the vulnerable sections of the population, as well as providing assistance to the country’s healthcare in reduction infant and maternal mortalities in Tajikistan by 30 percent.  The project is working in Roshtqala district of Gorno Badakhshan, Ayni and Kuhistoni Mastchoh districts in Sughd, in Kulob district of Khatlon, and in Rasht district (districts subordinate to the center).