DUSHANBE , February 6, Asia-Plus - On February 6, Tajikistan ’s Democratic Party (DPT) also made a statement over the decision by the appeals court of Tajikistan’s Supreme Court to uphold the latter’s verdict against the DPT leader Mahmadruzi Iskandarov.

The DPT deputy head, Rahmatullo Valiyev, read out this statement.  In the statement, the DPT leadership appeals to the UN human rights committee and embassies accredited in Tajikistan with solicitation to assist in settling the issue of verdict against its leader Mahmadruzi Iskandarov.      

“All the domestic national procedures have been exhausted and now we hope only for international human rights organizations,” Mr. Rahmatullo Valiyev said.  

Valiyev reiterated that that Mahmadruzi Iskandarov’s case was politically motivated all charges brought against him are unfounded.  

The appeals court of Tajikistan’s Supreme Court has upheld the latter’s verdict against Mahmadruzi Iskandarov but the DPT denounces the ruling, noting that the ruling shows once again that that court in Tajikistan is no an independent body and its is inexpedient to expect for justice from it. 

Mahmadruzi Iskandarov faced charges ranging from corruption to terrorism was sentenced to a 23-year term in October last year.