DUSHANBE, February 9, Asia-Plus  -- Relationships between Tajikistan Russia have long history and it [history of relationships] is so deep that it is hard to say that Russia is interfering in domestic affairs of Tajikistan, Russian Ambassador Ramazan Abdulatipov Wednesday [February 8] remarked at a meeting with students from Dushanbe higher educational institutions with regard to a statement made by three Tajik political parties Monday.

As it had been reported earlier Tajikistan’s Democratic, Social-Democratic and Socialists (Mirhusein Narziyev-run wing) issued a statement Monday [February6] charging Russian ambassador interfered in Tajik domestic affairs and calling on foreign ministry to clarify its position on recent comments by Abdulatipov, who said at a news conference on January 24 that there no real opponents to Tajik incumbent in the country’s upcoming presidential election.  

On Wednesday February 8, Abdulatipov addressing the meeting with students noted that this subject was touched upon at a press conference, where he was asked about assessment of the upcoming presidential election in Tajikistan.   “I told journalists that we, Russia, to date, do not see more earnest political figure in Tajikistan than Emomali Rahmonov, adding that if anybody sees such figure, please show  me,” Mr. Abdulatipov said, “At the same time, nobody but Tajik people will make their choice.”  “Many Tajiks are currently working in Russia and this is another evidence of close ties between Russia and Tajikistan, and we always take into consideration that our countries are sovereign states,” Russian diplomat said.  

“I do not want to be source of strife and therefore I will refrain from comments.  But Tajik people, Tajikistan’s leadership and Tajik MFA know that Ramazan Abdulatipov is not that person that interferes in internal affairs; on contrary, all the time working in Moscow I protected interests of Tajikistan and Tajik people there, where it was necessary,” Ambassador Abdulatipov said.