February 14, Asia-Plus - A delegation of Russia ’s Council of Federation led by Vadim Gustov, head of the Council of Federation’s CIS Committee, that arrived in Tajikistan yesterday intends to visit today the site for Sangtuda-1 hydropower plant.  

Yesterday evening, Vadim Gustov told journalists following his meeting with Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloyev, Chairman of the Majlisi Milli (Tajikistan’s upper chamber of parliament) and mayor of Dushanbe, that the main purpose of the visit was for them to consider issues of further expansion of inter-parliamentary cooperation, study a progress of the construction of Sangtuda-1 station and discuss concrete proposals on amounts that should be stipulated by the 2007 Russia’s national budget for speeding up the construction of mentioned plant. 

Their talks also focused on the possibility of expansion of cooperation of Tajikistan with Russian regions.    

According to information from Tajik parliament, Ubaidulloyev and Gustov expressed readiness of the parliaments of the two countries for signing of a cooperation agreement between the Majlisi Milli and the Council of Federation ( Russia ’s upper chamber of parliament).