KHUJAND, February 17, Asia-Plus - A number of people suffering from heart diseases is increasing in the northern province of Sughd, Abdulatif Hojiboyev, a doctor with the Center for Heart Diseases, remarked at a meeting with journalists in Khujand on Thursday, February 16.  

According to him, 200 people took medical advice at their center last year.  “Official figures show increase in cases of heart diseases in the province,” said Mr. Hojiboyev, “In 2003, 187 cases of infarct (heart attack) were reported in Sughd, while in 2004 this figure increased to 209, and last year, 212 cases of infarct were registered in Sughd.” “In 2003, 39 people contracted infract twice, and in 2005 a number of people contracting infarct twice was 80.”

According to Hojiboyev, a number of people taking advice at the Center for high blood pressure increased from 667 people in 2003 to 760 people in 2005.