DUSHANBE , March 9, Asia-Plus - Since March 7, television viewers in Tajikistan have watched programs of the “Rossiya Planeta” channel instead of the “RTR” channel.  

Director general of the open joint-stock company (OJSC) “Teleradiocom” Khushvakhtullo Aliyev has told Asia-Plus that an agreement on broadcasting the “Rossiya Planeta” programs in Tajikistan was signed in the beginning of the year already. 

“This has been initiated by the Russian State TV and Radio-broadcasting Company itself,” Mr. Aliyev said, noting that now instead of the “RTR” channel the “Rossiya Planeta” is broadcast to the whole area of the CIS.  

“At present, only residents of the big cities are able to pick up the “Rossiya Planeta” channel but in near future, this channel will be picked up on the whole territory of Tajikistan ,” the “Teleradiocom” director general noted.