DUSHANBE , April 11, Asia-Plus - Members of board of the Dushanbe organization of the Democratic Party (DPT) have not supported an idea of the formation of a faction within the party.

On Monday April 10, the DPT Dushanbe organization board held a session to discuss this issue.   

Rajab Mirzo, head of the Dushanbe organization of the DPT, has told Asia-Plus that the formation of the faction within the party is unacceptable step both from political and moral points of view.  “Formation of a “Vatan” (Homeland) faction within the party is in contrary to the DPT Rules,” Rajab Mirzo said.  

“The party’s board also reprimanded Said Sharifov, senior representatives from the DPT organization for the Dushanbe district of Firdavsi for failing to fulfill commission on rehabilitation of the party’s organization for this district,” Rajab Mirzo said, adding that Masoud Sobirov and Mirzo Nuriddinov were reprimanded and they demonstratively left the meeting.  

“The board found activity of the party’s organization in the Sino district satisfactory, while activities of the party’s organizations for Ismoili Somoni and Shohmansur were found unsatisfactory,” Rajab Mirzo concluded.  

As it had been reported earlier, Masoud Sobirov held a news conference on April 4 to announce the formation of a Vatan (Homeland) faction within the party.  Sobirov said that Vatan recognizes the party''s overall leadership for now, but he warned that the party has fallen out of touch with developments outside the capital and has failed to win any seats in the last two parliamentary elections.  Meanwhile, Rahmatullo Valiyev, the party''s deputy chairman, charged that the faction was formed in violation of party regulations and suggested that the authorities might be behind the attempt to force a split.