DUSHANBE, April 12, Asia-Plus -- Tajikistan’s State Finance Control Committee has carried out 331 inspections at state-owned  organizations since the beginning of the year, the State Finance Control Committee head Abdujabbor Shirinov remarked at a news conference in Dushanbe on April 12.  

According to him, damage caused to the country’s budget by financial machinations and misappropriation of state funds this year so far has amounted to 9.2 million Somonis.  

This amount includes 308,800 Somonis worth of embezzlement, 1.9 million Somonis damage caused by illegal rent and sale of state-owned properties, and 5.2 million Somonis that were used for not determined purposes, according to Shirinov.  

After these financial crimes were revealed 59 materials of inspections moved to the law enforcement agencies.  

“478 persons have been reprimanded and 16 others have been dismissed for these violations over the past three months,” said Shirinov, “And more than 1.40 million Somonis have been returned to the national budget.”