DUSAHNBE, April 28, Asia-Plus - Tajik Aluminum Plant (TadAZ) reports that it has fully cleared off its current debts for electricity consumed in 2005.  

            Press release issued by TadAZ says that in 2005, the plant consumed electricity for a total amount of 155.5 million Somonis while a sum transferred has amounted to 169.7 million Somonis.          

            “For the period from January 2005 to March 2006 the plant fulfilled all its obligations on repaying the current debts for the consumed electric power,” the press release said.  

            By government’s resolution TadAZ has concluded direct contracts on supply of electricity to the country in the 2005-2006 autumn-winter period.  Under this resolution the plant was supposed to supply 640 million kWh of electricity from Uzbekistan and I billion kWh of electric power from Kyrgyzstan (including March and April of this year).   

            Obligations on import of electricity from Uzbekistan have been over-fulfilled by 9.2 million kWh and amounted to 649.1 million KWh.  For the electricity imported from Uzbekistan the plant has paid more than US$15.6 million so far, the press release said, noting that the remaining part of the payment will be transferred after the final collation. 

            As far as the electricity supplies from Kyrgyzstan are concerned, the plant has so far imported 274.3 million kWh of electricity from Kyrgyzstan for an amount of more than 21 million U.S. dollars.  

“Over the past several years, the plant administration has taken measures to increase production of aluminum, enhance financial state of the plant and reduce its debts to partners, as well as for the consumed electricity” the press release concluded.