DUSHANBE, May 11, Asia-Plus -- Tajikistan has imported enough amount of grain and wheat flour this year, and prices of them will not rice in near future, Amir Tursunov, Deputy Director of “Ghalla” (Tajik grain concern), said.  

According to him, Tajikistan has imported 81,900 tons of wheat worth more than US$7 million and 111,300 tons of wheat flour worth US$14 million since the beginning of the year.  “Compared to the same period of 2005 an amount of the imported wheat has increased by 16,200 tons, while an amount of the imported flour has reduced by 13,000 tons,” Tursunov said.  

According to the “Ghalla” official, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia provide the bulk of Tajikistan’s wheat and flour imports.  

According to figures provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Tajikistan’s annually produces some 600,000 tons of wheat.  This year, Tajik farming units plan to produce 1.12 million tons of cereals.  The totaled will include 700,000 tons of wheat.  

According to Amir Tursunov, at present the price of one 50-kilogram sack of Tajik wheat flour on the Dushanbe markets fluctuates from 42.00 Somonis to 48 Somonis and the price of one 50-kilogram sack of the imported wheat flour in Dushanbe fluctuates from 46.00 Somonis to 50.00 Somonis, depending on its grade.