DUSHANBE, August 9, Asia-Plus -- Said Abdullo Nuri, the leader of the Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan (IRPT), died at his home in Dushanbe today afternoon, aged 59 after long illness.  

 Nuri reportedly traveled several times to Germany for treatment of what was believed to be cancer.

            Funeral ceremony is fixed for noon, 12:00.  By will of Said Abdullo Nuri he will be buried near grave of his spiritual teacher Muhammadali Hindustoni at cemetery near the Mavlono Mosque in the Rudaki district. 

Said Abdullo Nuri was one of the leaders of the United Tajik Opposition during Tajikistan''s civil war in 1992-1997  He joined President Emomali Rahmonov''s coalition government after the 1997 peace agreement.  He chaired the National Commission for Reconciliation (NCR) in 1997-1999.

            Said Abdullo Nuri (Abdullo Nuriddinovich Saidov) was born on March 15 1947 in the village of Sangvor in the Komsomolobod (present Nurobod) district in eastern Tajikistan.