DUSHANBE, August 16, Asia-Plus - Over the first seven months of this year, an external trade turnover of Tajikistan, including electric energy and natural gas, has amounted to US$.1.72746 billion, which is 141.4 percent of the January-July 2005 level or US$505.4 million more.   The trade balance has been negative and 158.8 million U.S. dollars.  

Exports of goods in January-July 2006 has amounted to US$785.4 million, which is 54.6 percent or US$277 million more than in January-July 2005.  Imports of goods into the republic over the same seven-month period has amounted to US$943.2 million, which is 31.9 percent or US$228.4 million more than in January-July 2005. 

The CIS countries have accounted for 43 percent (US$743.1 million) of Tajikistan’s external trade turnover, and the far abroad countries have accounted to US$57 percent (US$984.5 million) respectively.  Compared to January-July 2005 Tajikistan’s trade turnover with the CIS countries has increased by 37.7 or US$203.4 million and its trade turnover with the far abroad countries has increased by 44.2 percent or US$302 million.  The balance of trade with the CIS countries has been negative and amounted to US$545.4 million, and the balance with the far broad countries has been positive and amounted to US$386.6 million.      

The far abroad countries have accounted for 87.4 percent (US$685.6 million) of Tajikistan’s exports over this seven-month period, while the CIS states have accounted for 68.3 percent (US$644.3 million) of its imports. 

In January-July 2006, Tajikistan’s main trading partner were: The Netherlands – US$352.6823 million; Turkey – US$252 million; Russia – US$248.853 million; Uzbekistan -- US$152.4145; Kazakhstan – US$129.759 million; China – US$74.768 million and Iran – US$48.1162 million.   

Over the past seven months, the main items of Tajikistan’s have been electricity, cotton fiber and aluminum.  A share of electricity in Tajikistan’s external trade turnover has amounted for 4.5 percent.  According to information from Tajik power holding “Barqi Tojik”, Tajikistan has imported 2.6798 billion kWh of electric for US$47.5 million over the past seven months, which 1.5 times or US$16.4 million more than its electricity exports over the same seven-month period.   

Exports of cotton fiber have accounted for 9.5 percent of Tajikistan’s exports in January-July 2006.  Tajikistan has exported 69,000 tons of cotton fiber for a total amount of US$74.1 million over the first seven months of this year, which is 3,800 tons or US$3.7 million fewer compared to the same period of 2005.   Main trading partners to Tajik cotton-fiber exports were: Latvia – 23.8 percent; Iran – 20.8 percent; Kazakhstan – 19.3 percent; Uzbekistan – 12.4 percent; Ukraine – 3.6 percent; Turkey – 1.9 percent; Switzerland – 1.8 percent and Slovakia – 1.4 percent.  Compared to January-July 2005 an average prices of cotton fiber has increased by US$5.00 and amounted to US$1,075 per one ton.