DUSHANBE, August 21, Asia-Plus  -- Dr Mikael Ostergren, World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Adviser, Maternal and Child Health, is arriving in Tajikistan on August 22.  

According to information from the Ministry of Health, this mission is a component of a process of the implementation of a plan of bilateral cooperation between Tajikistan’s Ministry of Health and the WHO Regional Office for Europe on protection of maternal and child health.

The source says Tajikistan is currently in the process of drafting the national child and adolescent strategy and the World Health Organization has actively supported the Tajik Ministry of Health in how to proceed.    

The purpose of the visit is for the WHO mission in providing assistance in the completion of assessment and analysis of the situation in this sphere and conducting a two-day workshop, according to the source.  

The workshop aiming to consider issues of addressing factors impacting on children and teenagers’ health under this strategy will be held in Dushanbe from August 23-24. 

It is expected that the WHO mission’s activity in Tajikistan will result in preparation of a survey of existing directions of policy and strategies aimed at protection of health of children and teenagers.