DUSHANBE, August 30, Asia-Plus -- Large markets in Dushanbe should be brought into compliance with standards within the next five years, Nusratullo Begov, the deputy director of “Tojikstandart” (Tajik agency for metrology and standardization), said.

According to him, eight large markets functioning in Dushanbe – the state-run “Shohmansour”, “Barakat”, “Dehqon”, “Rohi Abreshim”, “Dusti”, “Sakhovat”, “Korvon” and the private “Sultoni Kabir” – meet determined standards only 30 percent.  

According to him, they have worked on improvement of the city’s market since the spring of this year.  “The trading places should meet requirements of safety, fire-prevention measures, and sanitation,” Mr. Begov said, adding that all infrastructures, including water supply system, sewerage should also meet the determined standards.   .

On the small markets functioning in the city, Nusratullo Begov noted that at present there were more than 50 small markets in the city.  “The small markets do not meet standards at all,” the Asia-Plus interlocutor said.  

According to him, they are working on improvement of small markets as well.  “The small markets are being improved at the expense of their own incomes,” the “Tojikstandart” official noted.   

“If any market ignores rulings of the state bodies, its administration is fined a total of not more than 100 minimal wages,” Nusratullo Begov said.  

In the meantime, according to information from the Dushanbe mayor’s office, reconstruction of the “Sakhovat” market has been under way since early August, and up to now, butcher’s shops at the “Sakhovat” market have been brought into compliance with standards.  The source says all large markets in the city will be reconstructed within the next several years.