DUSAHNBE, August 31, Asia-Plus - The Dushanbe mayor’s office has started adequate preparations for the autumn-winter season 2006-07.

Mr. Bahriddin Valiyev, the head of the department for trade and markets of the Dushanbe mayor’s office, says they plan to triple stocks of coal, firewood and kerosene this year.

According to him, they last year laid in 101 tons of coal, 84 cubic meters of firewood and 15 tons of kerosene.  “This year, we plan to lay in 300 tons of coal, 240 cubic meters of firewood and 56 tons of kerosene,” Mr. Valiyev said, noting that these volumes may possibly increase in future.   “The mayor is expected to pass a resolution on additional volumes of alternative kinds of fuel,” the Dushanbe official stressed.   

Mr. Valiyev also noted that “Tojikmatlubot” (Tajik consumer union) would also make similar stocks.  Besides, coal producers also will open their shops in the city for realizing their product.   

According to information from the mayor’s office, the prices of coals fluctuate from 40 Somonis to 100 Somonis per one ton, depending on its sort and quality.