DUSAHNBE, September 1, Asia-Plus -- Tajikistan’s State Committee for Management of State-owned Property intends to put Tajikistan’s ownership interest in the open joint-stock company (OJSC) “Anzob Ore Refinery” on auction.  

According to information from the ore refinery’s administration, the Tajik side intends to sell its 51 percent stake in the Anzob ore refinery.   “The OJSC “Anzob Ore Refinery” is Tajik-U.S. joint venture,” said the source, “Co-founder has the right to sell a part or all its shares but to remain in the enterprise’s composition.” 

The auction is set for September 15, and the Tajik side intends to sell all its shares.  The starting price of the Tajik side’s shares determined at 9.11 million Somonis.  

The source says quite a lot of people want to become shareholders in the Anzob ore refinery.  

ABOUT: Tajik-U.S. joint venture “Anzob” was established in July 2005.  Tajikistan owns 51 percent of the shares and the United States assumes the 49% ownership interest in the enterprise.  The United States side has attracted more than US$4 million in investments, mainly for bringing up-to-date equipment as well as improving financial state of the enterprise.  Since the beginning of the year, the last US$300,000 of this amount have been assimilated.  

The enterprise mines ore and produces antimony concentrate.  The capacity of one line of the enterprise is 350,000 tons of ore a year, and an annual volume of antimony concentrate amounts to 12,000-14,000 tons.  With rehabilitation of the second line of the enterprise the annual capacity of this joint venture will amount to 700,000 tons of ore.