DUSHANBE, September 20, Asia-Plus - Under Tajikistan’s strategic plan for privatizing medium-sized and large enterprises and restructuring objects of natural monopolies and especially large enterprises designed for 2003-2007 359 of 459 facilities subject to privatization have been privatized in the republic so far, Iqbolsho Salimov, the deputy head of the State Committee of Management of the State-owned Property, remarked at a news conference in Dushanbe on September 20.     

According to him, the remaining hundred medium-sized and large real estate properties should be privatized by the end of the year.  

Salimov noted that the main objective of the strategic plan is to promote further extending of market reforms carried out in the country and create necessary conditions for more dynamic development of the private sector in the republic.  

“Besides, it gives opportunities to establish new forms of management and drumming up local and foreign investments, as well as form market of securities and raise efficiency of use of enterprises’ assets,” Salimov said, adding that privatization of the medium-sized and large enterprises in Tajikistan should be complete in the beginning of 2007.    «Кроме того, это даёт возможность формирования современных форм хозяйств

According to him, as of September 15, the committee has transferred to the country’s national budget 29 million somonis from the privatization of the state-owned properties instead of the originally planned 15 million somonis.