DUSHANBE, September 21, Asia-Plus - 12,000 local observers representing eight political parties, trade unions’ federation, different public associations, youths’ union, as well as local legislatures nominating their candidates for the president are expected to monitor the voting process in the presidential election set for November 6, according to Tajikistan’s Central Commission for Elections and Referenda (CCER).  

Muhibullo Dodojonov, a spokesman for the CCER, said that this year, each of eight political parties officially registered in the country may send up to 3,300 its observers to all constituencies and polling stations.  

“We do all in our power to ensure that the election is transparent and held at the highest level,” said Dodojonov, “During the last presidential elections in the country in November 1999 only 300 local observers monitored the voting process, although by that time already five political parties had been officially registered in Tajikistan and three of them were functioning.”