KULOB, September 21, Asia-Plus -- Officers from the lawn enforcement agencies of Kulob have seized 44 sub-machine-guns Kalashnikov from the local population since the beginning of the year, which is 10 unit fewer compared to the same period of 2005, Lieutenant-Colonel Jumakhon Mukhtorov, chief inspector at the Kulob police directorate, said.  

According to him, reduction in number of firearms sized in the region is evidence of successful implementation by the law enforcement agencies of president’s decree on confiscation of weapons.  

“Besides those 44 sub-machine-guns, 25 pistols, 50 hunting guns, two machine-guns, four carbines, 27 rifles TOZ-8, 11 grenade launchers and 5,744 bullets of different caliber have been confiscated from the population over the same 8? months,” Mukhtorov said.