MOSCOW, September 22, Asia-Plus - To do their job properly special forces sub-units of Tajik police need appropriate material-technical maintenance and special technical equipment, the chief of the Center for Operational Management of Activity of the Russian Interior Ministry Special Forces, Major-General Vladimir Gorshukov said in his interview with Asia-Plus on Thursday evening.     

At the same time, he noted that experience obtained by Tajik colleagues could be used in other countries.   “A level of training of Tajik police special forces have favorably impressed me; the y have good experience in carrying out operations in mountain areas,” the Russian general said.   

According to him, Tajik and Russian police special forces have good relations and constantly share their experiences with each other.  He added that a joint tactical counterterrorism drill for Russian police special forces will be held in Novosibirsk on September 28.  Specialists from the European countries and the CIS, including Tajikistan, will observe the drill.   

According to Gorshukov, a joint counterterrorism exercise, involving sub-units of Tajik and Russian police special forces will be held in Russia next year.