KULOB, September 22, Asia-Plus  -- Studies at Kulob Teachers’ Training and Medical Colleges have been suspended since September 22.  All students have been sent to cotton plantations for twenty days. 

350 students from the Medical College have joined 850 students of the college who have worked in the cotton plantations since September 20.   “We have tried to leave the first-, third- and fourth-year students in the college this year but the city’s administration has refused to meet our half-way,” a source in the college said.  

According to him, their students have been in the building of school in the village of Korezi Poyon, in which studies have also been suspended in connection with cotton harvesting campaign.    

According to the source in the Teachers’ Training College, their 200 students have been sent to gather cotton in the Hamadoni Farm.  “They have been placed in school # 13 in the village of Ziraki,” the source said.  

In the meantime, cotton growers in the Kulob district have yielded 9,700 tons of cotton by September 22, which is 54.24 percent of the target.   

Five cotton-growing districts in the Kulob region of Khatlon have yielded 31,836 tons of cotton so far, which is 40.29 percent of the target.