KULOB, October 6, Asia-Plus - The district electoral commission for Kulob constituency includes representatives from three political parties.

Headed by member of the Communist Party (CPT) Executive Committee Taghoy Rahmonov, it also includes one representative from the CPT, one from the Islamic Revival Party (IRPT) and four from the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDPT).  

“The Kulob constituency has 50 polling stations while over the past seven years it has had 48 polling stations,” Taghoy Rahmonov said in an interview with Asia-Plus, adding that two additional polling stations have been set up in the settlements of Navobod and Tokakapa in the Kulob district. 

According to preliminary data, some 75,000 voters will come to ballot-boxes in the Kulob constituency on November 6, the electoral commission head said.