DUSAHNBE, November 17, Asia-Plus -- Recent heavy rainfalls have affected the ongoing cotton harvesting campaign in the republic.  

According to the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), the republic has yielded more than 477,000 tons of cotton by November 17, which comprises 80.1 percent of this year’s target determined at 547,000 tons of cotton.  

Districts subordinate to the center (RRP) farmers have yielded more than 48,509 tons of cotton by November 17, which is 103.9 percent of their target determined at 46,700 tons of cotton.

Cotton growers in Khatlon have yielded 256,000 tons of cotton to this day, which is 78.1 percent of the target.  They have pledged to gather 329,000 tons of cotton this year.

The northern province of Sughd has pledged to produce 171,300 tons of cotton this year.  Sughd has gathered 132,618 tons of cotton by November 15, which is 77.4 percent of the target.

“In order to prepare cotton fields for ploughing rooting-out of ghuzapoya (dead standing cotton stem) will have started most likely by the end of November,” the MoA source said.