DUSHANBE, November 28, Asia-Plus - Cellular operators active in Tajikistan are ready for any possible problems connected with temporary cutoff of electricity supplies in the country, Khurshed Rajabmahmadov, deputy director of the Communications Regulatory Agency (CRA) of the Ministry of Communications said in an interview with Asia-Plus, commenting on the possible power cutoff in Tajikistan.  

According to him, basic stations of all cellular operators are provided with generators running on diesel.  “It is one of binding terms for each cellular operators,” Rajabmahmadov said.  However, he added that it cannot be ruled out that there will be certain irregularities in their work.   

A source at the MLT/TT Mobile confirmed this, saying that their clients will be able to use cellular communications services offered by the company during the strict power cutback.  

Parviz Tursunzoda, a spokesman for Babilon-M, said their company is always ready for any electrical problems.  

As far as the fixed-line operators are concerned, the Ministry of Communications said that the fixed-line operators will function regularly because all of them have autonomous power sources.