KULOB, March 14, 2011, Asia-Plus -- Labor migrants remain a critical component in the economy of Tajikistan and labor migrants’ remittances keep many families in the country, especially in the provinces, above the poverty.  Labor migrants’ remittances to branches of commercial banks and microfinance organizations operating in Khatlon’s Kulob region are continuing to increase as compared with 2010.

Compared to January-February 2010, labor migrants’ remittances in dollars to the Kulob region have increased by US$1,976,187, Abdukarim Nematov, head of the branch of the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT) in Kulob said.  According to him, labor migrants have remitted US$10,990,339 to local banks over the report period.

Remittances in Russian rubles (RR) have also increased.  “Over the first two months of this year, they have remitted RR120,349,660 more as compared with the same period of last year,” Nematov said.

In the meantime, the euro remittances over the report period have decreased by €7,400, the NBT branch head added.