DUSHANBE, February 16, 2010, Asia-Plus  -- Over the first two months of this year, the external trade turnover of Tajikistan, including electrical power and natural gas, has amounted to 756.6 million U.S. dollars, which was 146.5 percent of the January-February 2010 level or 240.1 million U.S. dollars more, according to the Agency for Statistics under the President of Tajikistan.

The trade balance was negative and amounted to some 277.8 million US dollars.

Exports of goods in January-February 2011 amounted to 264.4 million US dollars, which was 43.3 percent, or 79.8 million U.S. dollars, more than in the same period last year.

Imports of goods into the country over the report period amounted to 492.2 million U.S. dollars, which was 48.3 percent, or 160.3 million dollars, more than in January-February 2010.

In January-February 2010, Tajikistan had trade relations with 75 countries of the world, including 10 CIS nations.

Compared to January-February 2010, Tajikistan’s cotton fiber exports has increased 2.5 times and export of non-precious metals has risen 21 percent over the report period.

Compared to January-February 2010, fuel and flour imports have risen 21.7 and 70.9 percent respectively and wheat imports have quadrupled over the first two months of this year.