The Mountain Societies Development Support Program (MSDSP), a project of the Aga Khan Foundation Tajikistan, requests competent candidates to apply via sealed bids or online application for the supply of high-quality seed potatoes according to the following characteristics:


Delivery terms:

  • Availability of the variety in the state register approved for use in the Republic of Tajikistan.
  • Place of delivery: Sh. Shokhin district of Khatlon region and Shugnan district of GBAO, Republic of Tajikistan.
  • Delivery time: First decade of April 2021.


Bidders may obtain further information from:

Yodgor Qonunov, phones: (+992) 93-500-01-11;

e-mail [email protected]


The following information should be enclosed to the bid:


  1. A cover letter indicating the total cost of the proposal;
  2. Commercial offer, indicating the cost of seed potato (including all expenses related to import, certification and delivery to final destination mentioned above);
  3. Legal documents certifying the status of a potential supplier (copy of a state registration document, patent, certificate, ITN, etc.);
  4. Information on VAT accounting in the cost of goods, VAT rate;
  5. Time and place of delivery;
  6. Validity of the proposed prices;
  7. Terms and conditions of payment;
  8. Recommendation letters from organizations with similar contract agreement for the supply of seeds;
  9. Copies of the certificates of origin and quality of the seed potato to be supplied;
  10. Country of origin of the seed potato and producer
  11. Address, contact telephone numbers and email address of bidder;
  12. Certificate validating that the seed potato to be delivered is not GMO.


The deadline for accepting applications is 12:00 am, 08 February 2021 (Dushanbe time). Please send the commercial offers and other requested documents in electronic form (in PDF format) to the email address below. At the same time, the commercial offer must be protected with a password, which the tender participant must disclose to the members of the tender committee, at the time of bids opening. Sealed envelopes with the commercial offers should be sent to the office of the organization at the following address: Rudaki Avenue 137, Tojikmatlubot building, 4th floor, Dushanbe.

Contact e-mail address: [email protected].

Attention! The opening of tenders will take place online via Skype at 15:00 on February 08, 2021. Potential suppliers are invited to participate in the opening of tender documents via Skype.

MSDSP reserves the right to accept any tender offer, as well as refuse all offers at any time prior to the conclusion of the contract, and does not bear any responsibility to the Bidders for whom such action could cause damage, as well as any obligations on informing on the reasons for such actions.