Japan’s Dai Nippon Construction (DNC) has begun rehabilitation of the Qizilqala-Bokhtar section of the Dushanbe-Bokhtar highway.

On Monday June 14, Tajik Minister of Transport Azim Ibrohim met here with Mr. Ryohei Watanabe, Executive Officer, CTI Engineering Co., Ltd., and representatives of Dai Nippon Construction to discuss the beginning of work on construction of the Qizilqala-Bokhtar section of the highway connecting Dushanbe and Bokhtar, the capital of the southwest province of Khatlon, according to the press center of the Ministry of Transport (MoT).

Dai Nippon Construction is a contractor for the project and CTI Engineering Co., Ltd. participates in the project as a consultant.  

Tajik transport minister proposed the contractor to involve local companies in the implementation of the project, the MoT press center said.  

Ibrohim reportedly noted that under pandemic conditions, money intended for the delivery of equipment could be spent for involvement of opportunities of local companies.  

DNC representatives they would submit their opinion on that issue after comprehensive analysis.  

Recall, Tajikistan’s lower house (Majlisi Namoyandagon) of parliament voted for ratification of an agreement on providing a grant aid for the project aimed at rehabilitation the Qizilqala-Bokhtar section of the Dushanbe-Bokhtar highway on December 18, 2019.    

The Government of Japan has reportedly allocated 3,232,000,000 Japanese Yen, in addition to 117, 000,000 Japanese Yen for detailed design, through JICA to support the implementation of the project

Under this project, the transportation and traffic safety in part of the Dushanbe-Bokhtar highway will be improved through the rehabilitation of the Qizilqala-Bokhtar section of the highway, thereby contributing to the economic development of Tajikistan.

A tender for rehabilitation of the Qizilqala-Bokhtar section of the Dushanbe-Bokhtar highway took place in Tokyo on March 16, 2021 and only Dai Nippon Construction participated in the tender.  The Frist Deputy Minister of Tajikistan, Rahim Bobozoda, attended the ceremony that took place through video-conferencing and appreciated Japan’s support for implementation of the transport infrastructure development projects in Tajikistan.

An agreement on rehabilitation of the Qizilqala-Bokhtar section was concluded between the Tajik Transport ministry and DAI Nippon Construction in April this year.  

Tajik authorities consider that conclusion of this agreement is one more step to break the transportation deadlock.

One of the development priorities of Tajikistan is the improvement of road infrastructure that is crucial for the country to overcome communication deadlock and turn itself into a transit hub.  To support the efforts of the Government of Tajikistan, the Government of Japan has been funding several projects through JICA in the transport sector.       

DAI Nippon Construction provides engineering construction services.  The Company contracts and builds railroads, commercial, institutional, and residential buildings.  Dai Nippon also operates real estate brokerage and leasing business. 

CTI Engineering Co., Ltd. operates a construction consulting business mainly for public sector.  The Company provides consultation services mainly for rivers, dam, and road constructions.  CTI Engineering also conducts geological survey as well as researches and develops environment friendly technology for urban infrastructure.