"Subsidiary" of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan may remain in the Tajik financial market.

Halyk Bank Tajikistan, a subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, is considering the possibility of continuing to work in the Tajik financial intermediation market.

 "Currently, the Closed Joint Stock Company "Halyk Bank Tajikistan" continues to work as usual and provides all types of banking services, carries out all types of banking operations", - said in the message of this organization.

It is noted that Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, taking into account the long-term operating history of Halyk Bank Tajikistan, is currently working on alternative scenarios for continuing to work in Tajikistan.

 On August 4 this year, Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan announced the voluntary liquidation of its subsidiary bank in Tajikistan, Halyk Bank Tajikistan.

 It was noted that the decision on the voluntary liquidation of the subsidiary bank in Tajikistan was made "on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the activities and development prospects of the subsidiary bank".

The decision to leave the Tajik market was justified then in order to "concentrate resources and focus the efforts of the Halyk Group on highly efficient and profitable projects with great potential for further growth".

The message said that the share of "Halyk Bank Tajikistan" in the assets of the Halyk Group at the beginning of April this year was 0.03%.

According to the Statement of Financial Condition of "Halyk Bank Tajikistan", the net profit of this organization as of March 31, 2021 decreased by 36% compared to the same period in 2020 - from 4.2 million somoni to 2.7 million somoni..