The Asian Development Bank has adopted a partnership strategy with Tajikistan for 2021-2025, according to a press release from the ADB Resident Mission in Dushanbe.

It is noted that the new strategy aims to improve the quality of the country's economic growth by supporting the government's efforts to increase productivity and mobilize private investment.

Under the new strategy, ADB's activities in Tajikistan will support three strategic priorities:

- supporting structural reforms to improve resource allocation and mobilization;

- increasing labor productivity through the development of human capital;

- contributing to the improvement of living standards through investments in the economy of land communications.

ADB will support government structural reforms to attract investment, both domestic and foreign.

ADB will support agricultural production and natural resource management to improve living standards and food security.

ADB is the largest financial donor to Tajikistan, providing more than $ 2.2 billion since 1998, including about $ 1.7 billion in grants.