Fares are changing, and it will be much cheaper to travel with the card in public transport

Public transport fares to rise in Dushanbe from November 10. We learned how the City Card tariffs will change in connection with this. 

From November 10, the fare in Dushanbe will be:

- by bus - 1.80 somoni when paying by card (cash - 2.5 somoni); 

- by trolleybus - 1.50 somoni with card (2 somoni in cash); 

- by minibuses - 2.5 somoni;

- one kilometer of taxi ride - 3 somoni;

These prices are valid when paying with a City Card with the standard tariff "Khush Omaded", that is, without discounts.

 Discounts for students and children

In addition, the City Card has discounted rates for students and teenagers.

As Asia-Plus was informed in the company, these tariffs will change as follows:

"Navras" - by bus 0.9 somoni, by trolleybus 0.75 somoni. The tariff is provided for children aged 5 to 10 years. 

“Donishchu” - by bus 1.26 somoni, by trolleybus 1.05 somoni. The tariff is provided for students studying in the capital's universities.

Children from 10 to 18 years of age do not have any benefits, according to the law, but they can purchase a half-year and one-year "Shkolnik" pass

"Tahfifi" - by bus 1.53 somoni, by trolleybus 1.28 somoni. The tariff is activated when replenishing the card balance for an amount over 90 somoni.

You can also purchase a half-year and one-year bus and trolleybus pass from the City Card..

Passes will now be sold at the following rates:

For half a year

Schoolboy - 225 somoni

Student - 300 somoni

Citizens - 450 somoni


Schoolboy - 300 somoni

Student - 525 somoni

Citizens - 750 somoni