The International Trade Center (ITC) supports Tajik textile and clothing companies to strengthen their presence on social media and start selling their goods online.

According to ITC Office in Tajikistan, Tajik textile and clothing companies attended a unique training course on promotion and sales through social media networks from October 18 to October 21.

Selected companies will benefit from specific advisory and consultancy support in this area.  The initiative is reportedly made possible thanks to the Government of Switzerland through the ITC’s Global Textiles and Clothing Program.  It was programmed and delivered by Ms. Yekaterina Diveyeva from Moscow-based Fashion Consulting Group.

The training course aimed to cover the latest trends in promotion and sales online through social media focused on those most popular among Tajik netizens – Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Telegram.

Participants got introduced to the role of social media in promoting the business and the image and learned to build a professional page and a channel featuring modern client-attracting techniques.

Ms. Yekaterina Diveyeva explained how social media has become an ideal platform for small and medium-sized businesses to promote their brand and increase sales efficiently.  The expert shared know-hows that can beneficiate Tajik clothing companies aiming thus to boost their sales online.

For Saidmumin Kamolov, ITC National Program Manager, this opportunity can support Tajik companies to join digital global trends and benefit from them.  ”We look forward to achieving results with this initiative. Supporting companies in their professional development will help them to improve their productivity, quality, and increase income” concludes Kamolov.

Companies have opened pages and channels on different of social media networks and learned to manage them and create engaging content.

Nigina Asadova, “KOTA Global” specialist, says, “We are excited to apply what we have learned on the training on our company page. Today we understand better how we can use social media as a fast, inexpensive and effective tool to help us to reach consumers worldwide. Our company will take advantage of this” says (Participant’s last name).

In addition to social media management, these digital platforms reportedly also integrate financial tools that can help companies boost their sales. In the age of digital commerce, Tajik clothing companies are ready to offer clients the best digital experience when they look for information or products to buy online.

The International Trade Center's Global Textiles and Clothing Program (GTEX) is a five-year program funded by the Government of Switzerland.  The GTEX program provides support to Textile and Clothing (T&C) companies in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan) and the Middle East and North Africa (Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia).  The program's goal is to promote T&C exports and to stimulate employment and income generation along the value chain.